A common disrupter of early lifestyle change is when something comes up for you personally, or for your family that requires commitment of mental resources and focus.

And understand that things will come up. They always do.

Managing through difficult times can be hard. As we discussed in the lesson, Emotional Health and the COR-4, the best strategy includes having sufficient emotional reserves—which means not constantly being on the edge of burnout, as well as learning to play defense. Feel free to review the lesson if you’d like.

Even enjoyable breaks can be difficult, especially if you’ve been programmed to think of enjoyment in terms of behaviors that are, well, unhealthy.  

Surprisingly, even a vacation can be a challenge. It’s common for people to come back from, say, a cruise and then struggle to regain their lifestyle mojo.  

So, be mindful of any break in routine. Plan vacations so they complement rather than crater your healthy behaviors. And above all, have a defensive plan available for when you need it.