If there is one COR-4 element that can get in the way of your transition to a healthier lifestyle, it is stress.  

It is your perception of stress that matters. And since a lot of stress is random in the sense that you don’t have much control when it arrives and in what form, you need a flexible approach. 

If you live your life with constant stress, it might just take one little push for things to go sideways. And what’s first to go out the window? It is those nascent health behaviors that you’ve been working on.  

Practice the activities you’ve learned in the program that help to restore your stress buffer—your stress buffer, not someone else’s.

Whether it’s exercise, meditation, your favorite hobby, connecting with family and friends, getting out into nature—understand what works for you, and then prioritize you.

Don’t worry about being selfish when it comes to your emotional health. Your family, friends, and colleagues are only going to benefit from you being in a good mental space.

And if you get stuck, there is nothing wrong with seeking help. And we can assist. The first step is to reach out.