Action steps are mini-goals that aren’t meant to be easy—but they must be achievable.

Here’s the recipe:

  1. Choose: Choose a behavior that supports your program goal. It should be challenging, but doable.
  2. Prepare: Determine the place and time that you will perform your action step.
  3. Complete: Complete your action step. Get it done!
  4. Repeat. If you miss your action step one day—no problem. Try not to miss two.

Any human accomplishment that you can think of—whether artistic, athletic, or educational—is based on goals and action steps. 

You will work with your coach to create, adjust, or change your action steps as you progress towards your program goal.

For now, here is an example:


Core Motivation: “I want to be a healthy role model for my team.”

Program Goal: “My goal is to complete a 10K run in six months by the end of the six month program.”

Week 1 Action Step: “For 5 days this week, I will perform my workout for 20 minutes.”

Week 2 Action Step: “For 6 days this week, I will perform my workout for 30 minutes.”

You get the idea.

Completing and recording your action steps as you move closer to your program goal will help keep the motivational fire burning.

Practicing action steps will also help you grow mentally stronger and more resilient in all aspects of your life!