You are wired to like new stuff and new experiences. This is the main reason why your motivation is high when you first start a lifestyle program; it’s new!

Once the newness wears off, you can begin to feel resistance as your efforts bump up against all of the other tasks in your life.

This resistance comes from feelings of stress. It’s your perception of how much more you can add to an already full plate.

If you can stick with a behavior for long enough, it becomes habitual. And since you perform habits automatically, you don’t feel stress about doing them. For example, brushing your teeth before bed. It doesn’t take much motivation or effort.

So, how can you manage through the inevitable stress and resistance that comes with lifestyle change?

In this lesson, you will explore ways to keep your stress and resistance low enough that you have the energy to stay focused and motivated until your habits can finally say: “We’ll take it from here.”