You will have stressors in your life that you can’t change. For these situations, you need another approach. One of the most powerful therapeutic exercises for easing stress is called reframing.

Reframing is the art of creating a new narrative. It’s not about fooling yourself; you are merely using your thinking brain to look for alternative storylines—to see things in a different light.

With reframing you can begin to apply that elusive human superpower: perspective.

A common use for reframing is for tasks that you don’t want to do—at school, at home, on the job. Being able to reframe around a higher purpose i.e., something that supports your ‘Why’ can be very powerful.

If someone acts in a way that you don’t agree with, try not to get upset. See if you can reframe their actions using empathy and compassion.

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes IS NOT always easy, but it gets easier with practice and profoundly strengthens your resilience and ability to ease stress.