During the hours and days to come, while you’re on the job, at school, or while you sleep, your subconscious is working in the background, figuring out a plan.

Within a day or two of finishing your journaling exercise, sit down with your pen, paper, or computer again. Review your list of stressors.

  • You’ll notice some stressors aren’t really a problem. They’re the minor annoyances of life. Let them go.
  • There will be some problems that you can’t change right now. That’s okay. Focus on issues that feel right. Where can you get a win?
  • Some stressors may come up more than once, but phrased in a different way. That’s a good sign that these should be on your final list.
  • You might also identify stressors that you are already working through. So, if you already have a good plan, note it and move on.

When you’ve completed your review, choose the top three or so stressors that you want to tackle first.

If this exercise seems overwhelming or produces a significantly negative experience, it is time to consult with a professional. We can help—so make sure to reach out.