Some of our behaviors are driven by deeper, personal motivations that reflect our self-view.

How we identify ourselves has a strong influence on our actions. For example, “I am a nurse” or “I am a teacher” or “I am a good parent.” 

In psychology, motivation that is based on our deep, personal drives is called internalization. In PowerME we use the term core motivation.  

Core Motivation is NOT

  • Dependent on outside forces—what others think, or say, or tell you to do.
  • Transactional—i.e., I do this, and you give me that.

Core Motivation IS:

  • The driving force for people who sacrifice their time, energy, and sometimes their lives in order to serve a higher purpose.  

You undoubtably have your own core motivation that reflects your work, your religion, your family life, or something else entirely.

But if your core motivation isn’t obvious to you now, that’s totally fine. It can take time, self-reflection, and working with a coach to get to your why.

You can try starting a sentence with “I am a ___________.” whatever you fill in likely reflects a core motivation.   

Knowing your core motivation is a key factor for successful lifestyle change.