At the start of the PowerME program you will want to give some thought to your core motivation.


“I’ve tried to make changes in the past, but the only time that it stuck was when I realized that I want to be here for my kids, which meant that I had to improve my health.”

“I have a teenager and I was worried that she was going to face some of the problems that I had to deal with growing up. It’s about helping my daughter that motivates me.”

“My students are most important to me. I see a lot of them struggle with their health behaviors. For me to help my students, I need to model healthy behavior.”

I saw my mother go through diabetes and it was hard. I don’t want to face the same future.

“My team was all struggling with stress, and our health and performance was suffering for it. I needed to makes some changes to effectively lead my team.”

Think about what’s important to you and why.

  • Why is it critical for you to change your lifestyle?
  • What are you passionate about when it comes to your health and wellness?
  • What will keep you going through the ups and downs?

As you go through this important exercise, feel free to reach out to your coach and healthcare provider with any questions.

We’re here to help you every step of the way!  

Your PowerME Team